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OROLAY  - Sep 16, 2021

The Orolay Amazon Coat Is Back with A Chic New Vision This Winter

 "The Amazon Coat" has taken the internet for its warmth and stylish design. It was reported by many well-known media as well, like "New York Magazine", "People", etc. Emma Stone, Lucy Hale, Oprah and many other stars became its loyal fans in the past two years. Many fashion icons around them are also crazy about it. Even with the background of epidemic 2020, it was still sold out many times.

Influencers on Instagram wore the "Teddy Bear" coats.

After successfully creating several hot products, Orolay launched an upgraded style at the end of 2020. It has a perfect balance among warmth, fashion and function.

Amazon "Teddy Bear" Jacket

The bear coat is extremely different from the other winter coats in your closet, and of course it is also different from the original one. The sherpa exterior is very eye-catching. It looks as cute as a Teddy Bear. People would "kill" to have it. "Teddy Bear" is always the best friend of females and represents a kind of company. Designer combines the element of stuffed animals with "the Amazon Coat". That preserves the fashion of the coat, but also delivers love and warmth to everyone who has it in the cold winter.

An Affordable High-Quality

"Omgosh I love love this Jacket. I put it on when I picked it up at the post office and got compliments immediately at the P.O. It was crazy. I receive so many compliments wherever I go it's nuts." An Amazon customer said after purchasing this jacket. Actually there are more compliments like that. When most people buy it, it is indeed because of its stylish appearance. It is cute and fun. But only at the moment of putting it on, customers will realize that the warm feeling may be the reason why people don't want to take it off. Technically speaking, it is filled with 90%/650F white down. And the sherpa fabric offers a better layer to insulate the cold. In addition, the adjustable big hood, elastic cuffs on the wrist, the waterproof and windproof fabric…All of them can allow people to be well protected whether it is windy, rainy or snowy in the winter.

The must-have coat this winter

This "Teddy" coat comes in 7 different sizes, which means, everyone can choose the right size to fit their body. Moreover, it still retains the most loved part of the original design - 6 large pockets, because they offer ample room to hold all your belongings, like key, wallet, phone, etc. That's very convenient for people without carrying a handbag. And the pocket itself is very cozy and warm. So we don't need gloves anymore. Plus, thanks to its side zippers at the hips, you can expand the jacket to make room for extra layers as well, which helps to move more flexibly. With it, you can go for any occasion, for work, dating, skiing, shopping… Briefly, in terms of warmth, comfort, functionality and fashion, there is no reason not to have one yet. It is well worth for most winter coats. Until now, more than 70% of customers on Amazon would love to give a 5-Star review to the "Teddy Bear" jacket, because of its excellent quality and nice customer service. Many customers reviewed, they will get a lot of praise while wearing the coat. So if people are choosing a winter coat for themselves or their families, this one should be the first choice. It is just in time for 2021 winter.