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In 2020, a long-lasting and global pandemic has broken out. Millions of people lost their lives. In such a situation where people are flooded with anxiety and insecurity, there is a group of person who withstand tremendous pressure and devote themselves to saving lives. Healthcare workers have to prevent epidemic as well as provide medical services. Their everyday work may mean put themselves and their loved family in danger.

Thus, to express our appreciation and admiration, we offer a 40% discount from now until December 31, 2024 to healthcare workers in the United States.The discount can be used on orolay.com for purchase of all full-price products. Please apply to confirm your eligibility.

To get this special discount, please send us your full name, your company/organization name, your status and related pictures of Pro status.

We'll send you an email back within 3 days after receiving your request.

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