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OROLAY  - Sep 13, 2021

How to Care for Your Down Jacket

Hi, Orolay fans! A down jacket can be an investment for more than one winter, as long as we treat it properly. So, we’d like to share some tips with you about how to care for down coats. ⁠

How to wash my down jacket?

Yeah, we recommend hand washing in warm water more, cause it can be safer. But it's OK to use a washing machine on a gentle cool cycle in most conditions. ⁠
- Please don't use fabric softener or bleach which may do harm to the fabric.⁠
- Wash our down coat a few times each season can be enough. When it's stained with oil or a large area of dirt, it's time to wash it.
- Always remember to take all your stuff out of your pockets! ⁠

How can I fluff my down jacket?

After washing our down coat, sometimes, it may lose its fluffiness.⁠ Here is the process of how to make it fluffy again.⁠
- Put the wet jacket in the dryer on low heat.⁠
- Add three or more clean tennis balls.⁠
- Let the program run until it has dried completely.⁠
- Hang it properly in your closet instead of folding it.⁠

How to store my down jacket properly?

When the weather turns warm, we need to keep our down jacket well to prolong its service life.
- Please completely clean your down jacket before storing it for months.⁠
- Be sure all pockets are empty and all zippers, Velcro, and snaps are fastened.⁠
- Keep your jacket hang in the closet freely where away from moisture.⁠ Let it breathe.