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Tara Gonzalez - Jan 29, 2020

Emma Stone Just Wore the Amazon Coat and Upper East Side Moms Are Shaking


A headline from yesterday read: “Emma Stone Shows Off Engagement Ring During Trip to Athens.” All due respect to Emma Stone, the lovely country of Greece, her beautiful pearl engagement ring, and her future husband who I’m sure is great, but none of those things really matter. Like, at all. The only thing that really, truly matters about these photos of Emma Stone allegedly “showing off” her engagement ring is the fact that she is doing so while wearing The Amazon Coat. Upper East Side moms are shaking.

The Amazon Coat is, I believe, the only Amazon item to have it’s own feature in The New York Times complete with an original illustration. It’s more of a household name than most famous New Yorkers. It’s also been featured in New York Magazine and every online publication known to man and then some. The oversized, olive-green coat is so beloved, every mom in Brooklyn can be spotted in it once the temperature dips below 50 degrees. Chances are, while you’re thinking about The Coat, you’ll probably pass by three people wearing it. That’s not magic, that’s math.

The $140 coat that ships with Amazon Prime is so famous it’s almost embarrassing. It’s like that A-list celebrity that went from indie darling to blockbuster moviestar in weeks and suddenly they’re on every billboard, commercial, and bad summer rom-com billing. Which is exactly why this celebrity sighting is so good. At the peak of The Amazon Coat’s popularity it’s wild to think someone like Oscar-winner Emma Stone would be photographed wearing it. It almost doesn’t make sense but it was bound to happen at some point. You can only resist one of Oprah’s favorite things for so long before you realize maybe it’s one of your favorite things too.

And just like that, I now have a lot of questions for Emma Stone who I will probably never meet. Who inspired her to wear The Amazon Coat? Was she wearing it in an attempt to look like a plebe amongst the crowd at the Athens airport, where no one probably owns The Coat? Will the people of Greece finally catch on to the virality? Does she take solace in knowing that now she is really just like us? Or is she embarrassed to have just become a part of the most popular winter-coat phenomena now, years late?

Truth be told, Emma Stone probably doesn’t care about any of these things. But I’m sure The Amazon Coat is flattered by her approval and its never-ending fifteen minutes of fame.

Article credit : Tara Gonzalez ( https://www.instyle.com/fashion/emma-stone-amazon-coat )