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Puff-O Preheat

"Embrace your individuality and redefine fashion with the Puff-O collection, where style meets versatility and every jacket tells a unique story."



In 2021, Orolay launched the popular Puff-O (SKU:OW221280C) with a bold and detailed design. The rising sales of this style indicate its immense popularity among consumers, and it has also gained a warm reception from social media influencers.



The Puff-O jacket from Orolay features a classic and stylish stand-up collar with a shorter-length design. Its oversized cut accentuates the sleek contour lines, giving it a fashionable and lightweight appearance.

In terms of detailed design, the jacket features elasticized cuffs with an extended length and a double-layer ribbed hem. This design not only elongates the visual proportion of the wrists but also prevents cold winter winds from penetrating through the cuffs and hem, offering both fashion and warmth. The overall zipper design and the intricate three-dimensional pocket lip craftsmanship on the zipper surface further enhance the exquisite details.

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This jacket focuses on a classic and minimalism design while meticulously considering the details, allowing it to effortlessly complement different styles of clothing and exude a refined sense of fashion. Whether paired with casual pants and sneakers or matched with a long skirt or boots, it showcases a fashionable and personalized style. Additionally, the lightweight design of the jacket makes it convenient to carry, whether for moving or traveling.

This design not only embodies the minimalist lifestyle concept favored by young people but also caters to their fashion needs. 

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The 2023 collection of Puff-O series is coming soon.

This new line introduces 6 captivating themes: Classics, Cosmos, Summit Ombre, Colorlay, Earthugger, and O-lab. Each theme showcases its distinctive characteristics, catering to the diverse needs of individuals.
Classics emphasizes timeless designs, offering refined and enduring charm.
Cosmos explores inspirations from the universe, incorporating elements that evoke awe and a sense of exploration.
Summit Ombre introduces a captivating gradient effect, adding depth and visual interest to the jackets.
Colorlay embraces vibrant colors and playful combinations, injecting a lively and energetic atmosphere.
Earthugger is a sustainable collection crafted from eco-friendly fabrics such as recycled polyester and responsibly sourced down.
O-Lab focuses on innovation, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion design.

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Fashion meets functionality, and individuality finds its perfect expression.

With this expanded collection, Orolay aims to provide a wider variety of choices, ensuring that each individual can find a Puff-O that aligns with their unique style and preferences. Stay tuned for our new Puff-O collection launch this month.