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Aurora Collection released


In a world covered with ice and snow, a garment named "Aurora" is born, it shines like the Northern Lights, singing warm melodies for the cold season.

Inspired by the beauty of the Northern Lights, each garment in this collection is designed to capture attention and evoke a sense of enchantment.

The Aurora Collection showcases a range of exquisite details that elevate the garments to a new level of sophistication. From the soft and luxurious matte-small-block fabric to the elegant H-shaped straight silhouettes, every element is carefully chosen to create a harmonious blend of fashion and practicality.

The collection offers versatility with a selection of colors that are both timeless and versatile. Whether you prefer classic neutrals or want to make a bold statement with vibrant hues, there's a color option to suit every personal style.


ROW241190Z is a hooded long-length jacket that effortlessly combines style and comfort. Crafted with a soft and luxurious matte-small-block fabric, this jacket boasts an aurora in a variety of colors. Its H-shaped straight silhouette, complemented by an arc-shaped collar, not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides optimal warmth and protection against the cold. The detachable hood, fingerless cuffs, and customized logo details further enhance its style, making it the perfect choice for stepping out in winter with effortless fashion.

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The ROW241183W is a mid-length down jacket that captures attention with its captivating design. The generous high-density fill, double-layered front closure, and detachable hood with logo elastic combine insulation and style flawlessly. Fine details like fingerless cuffs and dual-ended resin zippers showcase the thoughtful design, making this jacket a versatile choice for social gatherings or workouts, effortlessly blending function and fashion.

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The ROW241045C coat by Orolay is a short-down jacket that exudes sophistication. Embodying the essence of the Aurora theme, it seamlessly blends fashion and functionality, ensuring you stay fashion-forward and cozy throughout the winter season. Whether paired with casual pants and sneakers or matched with a long skirt or boots, it showcases a fashionable and personalized style.

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For men, Orolay presents the ROM241274W, a stylish addition to the Aurora collection. This short-length jacket breaks away from the traditional monotony of men's fashion with playful design elements. Coordinate it with the Aurora women's styles for a striking couple's look that stands out from the crowd.

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The Orolay ROW247043Z is a stylish and distinctive vest from the Aurora collection. Made with a matte-small-block fabric and a matching lining, this vest showcases an elegant H-shaped straight silhouette. Seamlessly blending functionality and style, this vest is an exceptional choice for all three seasons, offering unmatched practicality and versatility to elevate your wardrobe.

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The ROW241195C by Orolay is a stylish knee-length down coat from the Aurora collection. The coat's design is both simple and sophisticated, making it a timeless addition to any wardrobe. Thoughtful details like the detachable hood with customized logo elastic, fingerless cuffs with fine double-sided fabric, and branding elements add a touch of style to this versatile coat. Available in four timeless and versatile colors, this coat is a perfect choice that will never go out of fashion. Embrace its elegance and practicality as you make a statement in any outfit.


Indulge in the exquisite warmth and unparalleled softness of Orolay's Aurora Collection. Meticulously designed and expertly tailored, these premium down jackets redefine winter style with their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience the magic of the Aurora collection as it illuminates your winter wardrobe.