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"We pay tribute to the popular classics of the United States in the 20th century and create a new generation of modern phenomenon belonging to social media."



For Classics 092, as known as “The Amazon Coat”, it has been going on the market since 2012. After several years of improvement and accumulation of voice, it was sought after and shared by social media influencers, users, and media in New York and all over the United States in 2018. The popularity has continued to this day.
Inheriting the practical and multifunctional basis of 092, Orolay released its series for the first time in the Fall of 2019. It continued to release new derivatives, men's and children's versions every year after that. Using the initial olive coat as a seed, a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors have grown out of the "092 Universe".
We pay tribute to the popular classics of the United States in the 20th century and create a new generation of modern phenomenon belonging to social media.


Classics 092

The YRF092 coat by Orolay has gained popularity for its distinctive quilted design, which features a unique pattern of pocket. This is a hooded down coat with 6 oversized functional pockets and a cozy, down-filled collar. The bottom of the eiderdown garment adopts unique crumples. With its premium down filling, and water-resistant exterior, it keeps you warm, protected, and dry. Its mid-length design and durable construction make it perfect for any winter adventure. It offers a balance of warmth and style, making it a favorite among fashion-conscious individuals during winter. 

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092 for Men

The Orolay YRF092M is a variant of the popular YRF092 coat. It is special for men, which offers the same exceptional warmth and style, but with a few modifications to cater to different preferences. It features updated colors, alternative materials, and slight design changes while retaining the core elements that make the YRF092 so popular. The thick, big hood with plush lining keeps warm while walking or biking. The special side zippers make this coat more flexible. This men's down jacket is perfect for outdoor and indoor daily wear, casual, shopping, working, or sports in cold weather. It can be worn with women‘s classics 092 as a perfect couple outfit.

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092 with Fleece

The Orolay OWD1068X is a versatile and practical outerwear piece. It is a unique evolution of Orolay's classic coat. The fleece down coat is crafted from memory fabric with soft fleece Sherpa, body is filled with 700+ premium duck down. There is a special expandable design, the side buttons at the front zipper, and side zips at the hem make it easy to customize the fit, enabling feel free when moving or sitting. It is designed with functionality in mind, often incorporating adjustable features like drawstrings or elastic cuffs to ensure a comfortable fit. It is perfect for transitioning seasons or milder climates.

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092 with Macaron Color

The OWD1069X adopts a new fabric with a bright color. The macaron color scheme makes this coat lighter and gentler. The surface of this fabric is fine and smooth, the texture is tough, the elasticity and strength are good, and the hand feels soft. The back of the fabric has an anti-running process to improve the overall performance of the fabric. It features a combination of high-quality insulation materials and a water-resistant or waterproof exterior. Its durable construction, superior insulation, and modern design make it stand out as a premium winter coat that offers exceptional warmth and protection. Stay cozy and stylish with this winter essential.

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092 with New Light Shine Fabric

The Orolay YRF092N is a sleek and refined outerwear piece, which adopts new fabric with a light shine. The surface of the fabric is similar to silk, shiny and smooth, but thicker than silk, with good abrasion resistance, slight waterproof function, and a certain windproof effect. This coat added attention to detail and luxurious elements. The upgraded materials, finer finishes, or subtle design enhancements elevate the overall aesthetic appeal. With its streamlined silhouette, luxurious details, and excellent insulation, it combines design and functionality effortlessly, and both light and warm-keeping. With the unprecedented light cutting, it will also be able to stay stylish in the cold season.

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Classics 092 for Kids

The Orolay YRF092T is a trendy and fashion-forward outerwear option for children. Its unique design elements, including a removable hood, bold colors, and eye-catching pockets, set it apart. Furthermore, the full-twisted memory cloth fabric is tight, wear-resistant, and tear-resistant. Slightly waterproof, and windproof, and the performance of wrinkle smoothing makes the product completely iron-free. It has a bright appearance, comfortable feel, good anti-wrinkle effect, and has become one of the current international trendy varieties. The coat is the best choice for a family to wear a parent-child outfit, experiencing comfort, style, and versatility with this fashionable coat.

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092 with Fleece for Kids

The Orolay OKD1068X is a variant of the YRF092 coat, with a few modifications, especially the combination of memory fabric and lamb wool fabric, to cater to kids' outerwear preferences. It is worth mentioning that, in the knitting market, memory fabrics have matured relatively, with improved non-ironing functions and affordable prices. They are very popular in the fabric market. The memory weft elastic fabric has good stretchability and is very light for outdoor sports. Stretch fabric keeps the garment in step with movement while protecting the surface of the body of the coat for a longer usage life span and greater durability. Stay prepared for changing weather conditions with this dependable piece.

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The 2023 collection of 092 Universe is coming soon, stay tuned.

The 2023 collection of 092 Universe is coming soon. Each of these Orolay 092 collections offers its unique combination of style, functionality, and features, catering to different preferences and needs. The 2023 collection of 092 Universe is coming soon. There are five styles of the Iconic 092 Universe:
Classic: It is a short vest design, with clean lines, functional designs, and diverse color palettes, these garments effortlessly blend into any wardrobe.
Cosmos: The metal style and texture of fabric create a sense of technology, which inspires people to be imaginative and enterprising.
Summit Ombre: The gradient color, which matches bleaching and dying hair, also reflects Generation Z's more active lifestyle.
Colorlay: It can be designed to be matched with cities, sports teams, national parks, and even national flags.
O-Lab: The ideal environment for creative design inspires endless inspiration and produces cutting-edge fashion.

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